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There are several disciplines in Artistic Roller Skating


Figures is a discipline for the young and the old. It involves intricate turns and shapes whilst tracing a circle or loop shape marked on the skating surface. There are dozens of different figures to learn varying in difficulty, from a simple circle eight, to a backward paragraph loop.


Freeskating :

This is perhaps the most exciting and athletic of the disciplines. The freeskater incorporates a variation of jumps, spins and footwork into a routine choreographed to music. There are many different types of jumps and spins. Freeskating may be skated individually or as a freeskating pair in which lifts above the head are permitted and the team must perform in unison.



This is a beautiful and exciting discipline. Traditionally dance was a discipline for couples. However in the past few years Solo Dance has become very popular in Australia and is now one of the most hotly contested events at State and National level. The two events for Solo Dance are Compulsory Dance and Creative Solo Dance (CSD). Skaters in Compulsory Dance events all skate the same set pattern around the skating floor to the same music. For CSD all skaters must skate to a set rhythm for a given event but each skater chooses their own music. Dance may also be done socially in a class.



This is a fun discipline where a group of skaters skate together in synchronism to music. The skaters may be either male or female and many precision teams are a mix. Precision routines often contain elements of Freeskating and Dance.

The objective is to have the skaters performing as one. The emphasis, however, is on enjoyment and participation. Precision skating is fun to do and fun to watch. Its rules are flexible enough to allow lots of original ideas and innovations.




















There are three levels of competition in Artistic Roller Skating


Debut: where skaters are introduced to competition in a non-competitive environment.

Elementary: where skaters compete in events depending on either their age or their skill level. Elementary skaters compete in competitions within Victoria.

Championship: where skaters compete in events according to their age and their abilities. Championship Grade skaters can complete at a local competitions as well as National and International competitions.